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        Satisfaction Survey




        Dear Client,

        For us quality service comes first! This customer evaluation helps us to better meet your wishes and expectations. Please take a moment to write down your suggestions and critiques, positive and negative, and return it to us.Thank you very much for your time and support.

        Your DQS team


        Service Evaluation

        • 顧客名稱 Customer

        • 顧客號 Ref. No

        • 審核類型 Type Of Audit

        • 專管員 Customer Service

        DQS服務評價 Evaluation of DQS Services

        • 1分
        • 2分
        • 3分
        • 4分
        • 5分
        • 您對DQS服務質量的反饋(能力,友好程度,任務實現度,以服務為導向)

          We perceive a good service level at DQS (competence, kindness, availability, service orientation).

        • 您對于報告和(或)證書處理效率的滿意程度

          We rate the handling time for audit reports and/or certificates as…

        • 對于溝通響應的時間和報價處理的滿意程度

          Handling and Response times with regard to correspondence/ offers meet our expectations

        • 審核策劃是否提前并且合理

          Audits are planned well ahead and reliably.

        • DQS對于標準更改及審核員的更換是否已提早通知并進行協調

          We feel well informed by DQS with regard to changes in standards and/or auditor changes.

        • 對于DQS的其他服務活動,是否已經及時通知

          We feel well informed by DQS with regard to other DQS services.

        • 審核員準備的怎么樣?

          How well were the auditors prepared?

        • 審核員的合作性和友好度怎么樣?

          How was the cooperation and kindness of the auditors?

        • 審核員的表達方式和提問技巧是否便于理解及合作?

          How comprehensible and partnership oriented were the style of expression and questioning technique of the auditors?

        • 審核員對企業的結構和過程理解得怎么樣?

          How good were the auditors able to understand the structure and processes of your company?

        • 根據您的業務活動您怎樣評價審核員的技術能力

          How do you evaluate the technical competence of the auditors in terms of your business activities?

        • 審核員是否指出了改進的潛力?

          Did the auditors try to point out potential for improvement?

        • 審核期間審核員是否能夠根據其責任和程序推動您的管理體系進一步發展和改進?

          Were the auditors able to motivate to further develop and improve your management system in terms of their commitment and procedure during the assessment?

        • 審核是否有效及是否按約定的審核計劃進行?

          Was the assessment efficient and was it performed within the agreed audit schedule?

        • 在審核前您和審核員的聯系容易嗎(電話,傳真或電子郵件)?

          How easy could you get in touch with the auditors in advance of the audit (phone, fax or email)?

        • 報告的質量和表達怎么樣?

          How were quality and expressiveness of the report?

        • DQS的服務對您公司帶來了增值。

          DQS services have contributed added value to our organisation.

        • 您會向其他公司推薦DQS認證

          We will recommend DQS to others.

        • DQS總的服務質量

          We rate the overall quality of DQS services as…

        評語/改進建議 Remarks/suggestions for improvement

        • 日期 Date

        • 簽名 Signature Or Name

        • 回詢電話號碼 Phone No. For Queries

        • 驗證碼 Identifying Code

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